Glass Wire

Application: Power
  • Insulation Material:PVC
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Low Voltage
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Product Details

Glass Wire

Manufacturing wire is not an easy thing because everything from the initial to the final stage needs to be cautiously done. A little mistake can result in health hazards and wastage of the entire product. When it comes to wires, copper wires are the most preferred because of various qualities like malleability, conductivity, thinness and many more. Copper wires are used by almost all electrical, manufacturing, etc. There are various types of copper wires like normal copper wires, tin copper wires, braided copper wires and glass wires available in the market. Glass copper wires are very commonly used in important industries like instrumentation, aerospace, robotics, electrical appliances, and many more.

Glass wires are used in these industries because of various qualities these wires posses like smoothness and their bandwidth. The information that can be transmitted through these wires is much higher as compared to normal metal wires and that is why they are used heavily by telecommunication industries. Another important quality of glass wires is that they are much less prone to interference and so they can easily be used to transmit information in very noisy environment also. These wires are also good from safety point of view also as they are dielectric and so there are no chances of sparking through them. These wires are also apt for sending confidential data as they do not radiate electromagnetic energy and thus cannot be intercepted.

Item Code : TCW-001

Glass Fiber Insulated Copper Wires

Item Code : TCW-002

Fiber Glass Copper Wire

Item Code : TCW-003

Fiber Glass Covered Round Copper Wires

Item Code : TCW-004

Glass Fiber Copper Wires

They can easily be bent into any shape and size and are resistant to corrosion. They have much higher potential as compared to normal wires as they have 4.5 times much higher capacity than a normal wire. Apart from it they are much lighter to carry and require lesser space too. Glass wires are certainly good choice over other wires and Ganpati Wires is the place where you will get every product that you require so visit our store and get products that are class apart.

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