Earthing Copper/Tin/PVC Wire - CRT Assembly

Application: Power
  • Insulation Material:XLPE
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Medium Voltage
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Product Details

Earthing Copper/Tin/PVC Wire - CRT Assembly

Wiring means transmission of electricity through insulated conductors and that is how power is supplied in buildings and other areas. There are various wiring codes that one has to adhere to before manufacturing of wires so as to ensure protection from electric shocks and so there are various color codes also that give even a layman idea about wires. The wiring depends on many factors like the power consumption by the intended user, environment in which wiring needs to be done, national and local regulations, etc. even wires and cables undergo rating wires and cables are rated on various factors like the circuit voltage, temperature rating, and environment in which they can be used apart from these wire or cable has a voltage rating, and a maximum conductor surface temperature rating. CRT technology is highly used these days and special CRT wires are required for the same.

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PVC Coated Electric Copper Wire

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CRT means Cathode Ray Tube; it is basically a vacuum tube which contains an electron gun. These are the screen assembly of the televisions and computer monitors. CRT wires are manufactured through braided wires in which customers requirements are taken into consideration and generally these wires are used in TV, computers and automobile industry. These wires can be flat or round depending on the requirement and can also be drawn in various sizes and shapes. Braided wires are of different shapes and each has its unique feature like round braided earthing wires, flat braided earthing wires and normal earthing wires. We are providing all types of wires and that too at a very nominal price. We have been catering such wired to the requirements of our customers since a long time ensuring safety and reliability.

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