Tinsel Copper/Silver/Tin/Cadmium Wire

Application: Power
  • Insulation Material:XLPE
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Medium Voltage
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Product Details

Tinsel Copper/Silver/Tin/Cadmium Wire

Tinsel Copper wire is used in diverse significant industries. TANO Wires is determined to offer a top notch quality of Tinsel copper wire to its esteemed clients and for the same reason; it has not lagged behind in investing a considerable amount of resources in creating a dynamic team and ensuring modern and advanced quality equipments. Tinsel copper wire goes under a processing through tinsel tin, tinsel Silver, silver platted copper, cadmium copper and electrolyte copper. During the processing, it is being flatted and then covered via various kinds of threads including Nylon thread, Cotton thread, Nomex thread, Silver thread, Kevlar thread, etc, in accordance with the requirements. Once processing is over, it passes through various processes like braiding, twisting and stranding and at last, the final outcome is in the form of Tinsel copper wire.

Uses of Tinsel Copper Wire:

• It is mainly used in the production of Speakersbr 
• It is widely used in the manufacturing of Loudspeakers 
• It is used in the Tweeters coils
• It is used in the formation of Telecom cable

Item Code : TCW-001

Tinsel Copper

Item Code : TCW-002

Tinsel Silver

Item Code : TCW-003

Tinsel Tin

Item Code : TCW-004

Tinsel Cadmium Wire

In a nutshell, Tinsel copper wire is an ideal metal which is used extensively in the domains like telecommunication, electrical, construction and manufacturing. It is quite obvious that due to its flexibility, it proves to be an ultimate metal for those industries, which demand a flexible metal, in order to ensure that the product delivers a consistent and unfailing performance. No matter, what the temperature is, whether extremely high or low, this particular wire variety is competent in withstanding extremely adverse conditions.

For an instance, it proves to be an ideal choice to meet with the requirements of marine industry, companies engaged in the formation of musical instruments and telecommunication lines. Additional coating of Tin works wonder in enhancing the quality of copper wire. In case, if you are looking for an excellent quality of Tinsel copper cable & wire, free feel to contact us for more information or drop us a mail.

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