Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire, Braided Flexible Copper Wire manfacturer

Application: Power
  • Insulation Material:XLPE
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Medium Voltage
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Product Details

Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire

In order to do coatings on copper wire the copper wire material goes through three steps. In the first step according to the requirement of machinery electrolytic copper wire is drawn in a specific size. In second step material is annealed (Heat treatment is given) and then tin coated is done. In third step, tin slab is treated in the above drawn electrolytic annealed copper wire.

The manufacturing process of Tin Coated Copper Wire

To give the coating it has to go through one more process: That is - Electrolytic process. In this process the material passes through chemical tank and with the help of the electric current on the tin slab the tin coating is done on the cooper wire. There is another process of coating which is called as Hot Dip process. In this stage tin slab is melted in to electric pot and the material is passed through it which results in tin coating on it

Uses of Tin Coated Copper Wire

The tin coated copper wire is used in various types of cables, industrial machine, heaters, high temperatures instruments, overhead power sources for subways, light and heavy transit system etc.

Item Code : TC-CW-001

Tin Coated Copper Wire

Item Code : TC-CW-001

Tinned Copper Wire Suppliers

Item Code : TC-CW-001

Tinned Copper Wire

Advantages of copper wire

Firstly, as compared with the other metals except the silver which is very expensive as compared to copper, copper has extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to its excellence, quality copper wire is widely preferable in industries.

Secondly, In some of the industries like construction and marine, it required the flexible metal which can be easily cut, mould and bend according to the requirement and copper is one of the best metals as compared with others.

Thirdly, copper is one of the very strong metals. It’s very useful in the telecommunication industry where copper wires are widely used for transmitting signals across long distance.

Tin coated copper wire is used mainly by industries because of its availability, flexibility, conductivity, and compatibility.

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