Bare Copper Wire, Bare Tin Coated Copper Wire ,Braided Flexible Copper Wire

Application: Overhead
  • Insulation Material:PVC
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Medium Voltage
  • Jacket: bare
  • Product Details

Bare Copper Wire

Copper is a good conductor of electricity and generally copper wires are used for electric fitting and cable wires are made of copper only. They are also known as “Electrolyte Copper” they are used in subways, conduit, and transit systems both light and heavy. Copper wires have great advantages over other wires and are therefore used heavily in all types of electrical fittings all across the world.

Some of these properties of Copper make it best for electrical and other uses:

Heat Resistant: copper wires are heat resistant and second in electric conductivity the first being silver. They can also handle a wide load of electricity and it is much easier to handle them. That is why large circuits and subways are made out of copper wires.

Malleability: This is an important quality of copper wires as their malleability allows them to be shaped in any form easily. The wires takes any form that is required

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After all this is done, next is the manufacturing process in different steps:

Ductility: this is another quality of copper wire which makes it even thinner than a strand of human hair that is why copper wires are preferred when it comes to headphones and other things in which thin wires are required.

Resistant to corrosion: Copper wires are resistant to corrosion which makes their use even more preferable as in long term they would be easy to handle and use.

Energy Efficient: Copper wires are energy efficient which clearly means that they are heavily used in manufacturing process as they give better results as compared to other wires.

Maintenance of Copper wires is also easy and they are easy to handle. So when thinking of wires one should go for copper wires and cables and TANO Wires is the place where one would get all types of copper wires of good quality. TANO Wires has world-class products that set them apart. Their products speak for them.

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