Braded Flexible Copper Wire & Tinned Copper Wires

Application: Power
  • Insulation Material:XLPE
  • Conductor Material: Aluminum
  • Certificate: ISO9001,CCC
  • Type: Medium Voltage
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Product Details

Purity, Quality – Two pillars on which TANO Wires stands

As far as purity is concerned then we take immense pride in revealing that our products are manufactured by using EC Grade continuous cast copper rod (8.0 mm) that features 99.90 % purity. Apart from that, our products also do comply with the international standards since they confirm with BSS/ISS standards. However, the major appeal lies in offering the customized products by us. We are also extremely competent in offering products in accordance to the specifications demanded by diverse customers. Offering customized products related to copper wires is one of the main reasons of gaining a strong foothold in the market. Though there are numerous varieties of copper wire but among them there are few popular ones including Bare Copper Wire & Cable, Tin Coated Copper Wire, Tinsel Copper Wire, non-tinned wire etc.

Bare copper wire is used across various diverse industries. It is mainly used in distribution and overhead transmission and along with that, it is also used in uninsulated hook up, etc.

Tin coated copper wire or tinned wire is that type in which copper wire is coated by tin. This type of wire is created by two methods. One is hot dipping method and another method is known as electroplating method. The wire created by using this technique is 10 times sturdier in comparison to the non-tinned wire. It is also resistant to corrosion and conductivity offered by it is also quite high.

Tinsel copper wire is that electrical wire where maximum flexibility is required. It can be used in handset cords as well as telephone cords. There is no doubt that copper is an affordable option featuring high thermal and electrical conductivity that makes it most ideal method for wirings and other electrical appliances. For more queries, please free feel to contact us or drop us any query.

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